Our son who came to life after death


Our son was first born on July 14, 2015. He lived for about two months and passed away on Separate 9, 2015. His death was not natural. It was caused by medical malpractice. During his entire life he stayed at the hospital and went through tremendous sufferings. The fault was ours that we unnecessarily chose the hospital and blindly believed in the doctors- who lied. If instead, we had stayed home and stayed stuck to our original plan, we now know for sure that he would be with us today dancing around the house.

We were unjust to our son. He only knew sufferings throughout his short life. He never experienced the love of his mother, companion of his father. We prayed days and nights seeking forgiveness. It may sound impossible, but we did believe that we might get him back as our son again by praying sincerely .

Our son was re-born on 2 October, 2016 in our home without the help of hospital or doctors. This time we took extra preparation and stayed strictly determined that no matter what, we will not go to the hospital. It may not sound conventional to others but based on our previous experience, we realized that the original plan of home birth is indeed ideal for us. My wife chose to go for “Water Birth”. My baby was the first water born baby in our country. Our birthing team consisted of four members – Me as the birth-partner, our house-keeper Mrs. Shova as birth-assistant, our midwife Ms. Eva and of course my wife the birth-giver. We all were thrilled, anxious and somewhat nervous in that exciting environment. My wife went through a lot of hardship because giving birth was not as easy for her this time as it was at the first time. During the first birth, our son came down with very strong efforts in a very short time, as if he couldn’t wait to be with us. This time, he seemed to hesitate to come out of the comfort of his mother’s womb as if he was scared of the same sufferings he experienced in his first life. Finally our baby was born after 5 hours of labor. He was healthy, active and had the same looks & behavior as last time to our ecstatic joy.

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