Great Wide Open


Oscar winner actor and singer-songwriter of Thirty Seconds to Mars “Jared Leto” is known for his many accomplishments. His unique presentation of different characters made the movie exciting. The latest character he has played is the Joker in Suicide Squad.

Recently, Jared Leto has Directed a short film titled “Great Wide Open“. Great Wide Open is a series of five short films celebrating America’s National Parks and the adventurers who explore them. In these series of short films, he interviewed world’s some of the notable climbers while enjoying the nature and take lessons from them. Some of the casts of this film series are “Tommy Caldwell“, “Renan Ozturk“, “Alex Honnold“, Wolf Expert “Doug Smith”, “Sasha DiGiulian” and many more.

Blessed are those who live out their dreams; that’s the difference between listening to the knock on the door and answering it!

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