Food, For your Body; Not for you


To lead a healthy and happy life you need to do exercise. To live your life you need food. As a human being we love to eat. When delicious foods are being served we forget everything and start eating. But this is not the way how it suppose to be. We must think what our body needs. Eating is not only enjoying the meal; it is more important to think of your body need. We must think of a balance diet. A balance diet must contain Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Mineral and Fiber. And we must need all of those. If one is missing then it must not be a balance diet. Question may arise do we really need all those in daily life. The answer is yes and yes. Let me explain those things little more about all the categories.

First why we need Carbohydrate? Well, Carbohydrate contains Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. They are the source of energy; they are the body’s Fuel. An average adult need 12,000 kJ of energy in a day. Most of this is supplied by Carbohydrate. We can get this from rice, potato, bread etc.

Then the second thing we need is Protein. These are required for growth and repair. It can also be used as energy source as a last resort. Proteins fulfill a wide variety of roles in the body; they are broken down in the stomach and intestines to amino acids which are then absorbed. We can get protein from Meat, Fish, Eggs and Pulses.

Many people who care about their health avoid Fat. But the true thing is we also need Fat, Like Carbohydrate it contains Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. These are the source of energy. They are also stored beneath the skin for helping to insulate us against the cold. It is not good idea to avoid fat to stay thin and elegant. So everyone must balance the amount of energy containing food with the amount of energy they use when they do exercise.
If there are no need for vitamins then every Pharmacy Company who produce Vitamins will shutdown. Vitamins have no common structure or function but are essential in small amounts for the body to be able to utilize other dietary components efficiently.

To build a healthy and fit body, human body need little amount of minerals. For example, to make hemoglobin human body needs Iron. For healthy teeth, body and muscles; Calcium is required. And also there are some other minerals which.

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