Is VR Glass a fantasy or reality?


In recent years Virtual Reality(VR) glass has become a buzz word in tech industry. It is considered as one of most revolutionary technology due to its immense potential. The concept of VR is mostly notable for its use in entertainment media starting from games to watching video. The unique features of VR allow users to experience 360-degree view. It makes them feel that they are in a real world although they are just watching a simulation. However, a question has been raised about integrity of VR glass. Many people think VR glass could cut us off from the real-world experience. That did not halt the development of VR glass and its function. Use of VR glass go beyond entertainment media. In recent time, many tech companies are investing heavily in merging VR with other sectors such as virtual shop, classroom, medical center and so on. We can see there is an increasing number of users of VR glass. If this continues then VR glass will be a reality.

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